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Your ultimate AI chatbot-based trivia and quiz game! BoolBot is the best trivia game if you want to enjoy playing quiz games with friends, refreshing your brains, or testing your trivia skills and knowledge. Always enjoy taking challenges with the help of our AI chatbot in various categories: animals, geography, foods, astronomy, cinema, history, and so on, and have extra fun and excitement with our AI chatbot. Enjoy playing multiplayer guessing games, where the first one to find the riddle’s solution earns 200 credits. You can receive gifts, including daily rewards and free hints; the more you share the game, the more bonuses you will get. Let’s have fun with the BoolBot and let it be your helping friend in trivia fun quizzes.

Image showing BoolBot’s user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for interacting with the AI chatbot for trivia and quiz games. Users can explore the various categories and fun quizzes and get help with an AI chat to crack the puzzle and answer the trivia questions.
Image showing the BoolBots operating system and easy steps to play trivia and quiz games: download, sign up within an account, and then users can play quizzes with the help of our AI Chabot in various categories such as animals, cinema, history, mythology, astronomy, etc., and learn how to join the multiplayer quiz game to compete with friends worldwide.

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Download the BoolBot app, sign up, and engage yourself with trivia quiz games and various categories like animals, cinema, history, technology, and others. Complete multiplayer trivia games and earn credits with friends. Share this game daily to get rewards, hints, and credits for free. Get all the trivia fun that you can handle with BoolBot!





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Get to know why BoolBot is the ultimate trivial solution! Our trivia app combines AI technology and convenient usability in order to provide you with the most entertaining trivia questions, answers, and quiz games.

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Get ready to compete globally, interact and explore trivia questions and answers with the help of our BoolBot, and challenge your friends in our Multiplayer Quiz game.

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Multiplayer Quiz Mode

Image showing the BoolBot’s multiplayer quiz game, the ability to challenge friends, compete globally, and earn credits and awards for choosing the correct answers to the trivia questions provided within the multiplayer quiz game. The AI chatbot focuses on the entertainment and social value of the trivia app so that its users can refresh their brains and gain knowledge.

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The best trivia app I have ever played! Its AI chatbot really excites my brain by answering trivia questions, and its multiplayer feature is perfect for competing with others worldwide. If you love trivia, you need BoolBot in your life!

BoolBot is amazing! I love the multiplayer quiz game. It is an enjoyable bot to refresh the brain. I can’t stop playing this game. Download it now; you won’t regret it.

Great workflow

BoolBot is a user-friendly app with a simple registration process, an individual dashboard, and a live results leaderboard. Experience intelligent learning through our AI-enabled chatbot and fun in multiplayer game modes with enhanced usability.

Stay updated with accurate performance reports and regular updates that ensure up-to-date continuous improvement and exceptional game performance. Play with other players worldwide, improve your knowledge and abilities, and take advantage of our secure, reliable global platform and outstanding customer support.

Image showing BoolBot’s great workflow, including how easy it is to provide the navigation system, interaction, incredible trivia experience for quizzes, and AI Chatbot support.

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Test your knowledge in trivia and quiz games with BoolBot! Choose to answer trivia questions with our AI chatbot, compete with friends in multiplayer quizzes, and explore various categories. Download on iOS and Android to solve trivia questions and get daily rewards!

Image showing BoolBot’s unlimited content for its users to explore. It provides various quizzes in multiple categories, including animals, astronomy, culture, and history. BoolBot updates its content to make it more exciting and engaging for its users.

Unlimited content

Check out BoolBot for engaging trivia questions and answers that can be unlimited, entertaining, brain-refreshing, and in various trivia categories. Daily updates keep things new and interesting; thus, the multiplayer quizzes will be presented frequently for you to solve with keen interest.

This image shows the BoolBot assistant AI chatbot helping its users save time when completing trivia quizzes. This trivia game is easy to use and offers quick access to many different categories of quizzes and helpful smart hints and techniques.

Time saver

BoolBot makes the steps easy for you and includes an easy-to-use and smooth interface, so you get quick access to the trivia and quiz games, and receive instant feedback on your performance for rapid trivia.

Image showing the BoolBot’s high-security encryption to protect the data and information of all its users so that its users can enjoy playing trivia games without any interruption as their privacy will be respected.


BoolBot enhances the strong security and reliability of your experiences by using high-grade encryption to keep your data safe. You can trust our secure platform to provide a safe environment for amazing trivia and quiz games without interruptions.


Is BoolBot free to download and use?

Yes, BoolBot is free to download and use. You can enjoy interacting with our AI chatbot and solving trivia and quiz games.

How does BoolBot’s AI chatbot work?

BoolBot features an AI chatbot that helps you solve impossible trivia questions by providing trivia solutions, hints, and explanations. It would help if you interacted with its AI chatbot to enhance your quiz experience knowledge and comprehension skills.

What types of trivia categories are available in BoolBot?

BoolBot offers engaging categories such as technology, sports, sciences, mythology, history, geography, foods, cinema, astronomy, artists, animals, and more.

Can I play BoolBot on both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, BoolBot is available on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it for trivia and quiz games for iOS and Android from the App Store or Google Play.

How do I turn on the Sarcastic Mode in BoolBot?

BoolBot is a factual chatbot that is also sarcastic. You can go to the profile settings to turn on the Sarcastic mode. Users can engage with our AI-powered chatbot that provides you with light-hearted trivia solutions to the trivia questions.

Can I play BoolBot offline?

Yes, BoolBot allows users to participate in offline play for many of the quizzes it provides. You can download your favorite quizzes in advance and then play them at any time, regardless of the internet connection.

How do the live challenges work in BoolBot?

These include live challenges in BoolBot where you can compete with friends or other players online in real time. You can participate in a live challenge, give answers to trivia questions, and check out who the trivia champion is on the leaderboard.

Is BoolBot suitable for all ages?

Yes, BoolBot is developed on a family-friendly bot and is suitable and safe for all ages. The difficulty level of the trivia questions and quiz games varies from children to elderly people. There are many interesting trivia categories for children and elderly people.

How can I compete in the world ranking and unlock trophies?

To compete for the world ranking, the participants should reply to trivia quizzes and give answers to the trivia questions in live challenges to get points and rewards. The more you give accurate answers, the higher your position will be on the global leaderboard. Collect trophies by attaining specific goals and reaching high success in the trivia game.


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